10 Oct
Make a right ‘choice”! Get out to vote!!

It is almost October 22nd , the most important and the only day now to have your voice for the next year in the city council by casting your valuable vote.

  • If you are concern about decisions such as:
  • The taxes you pay
  • Snow removal/street cleanups
  • Social housing
  • Rent control
  • Recreational Programs
  • Library funding
  • Local emergency services approval and management
  • How many new homes should the city build?Above are just a few of many decisions taken by the city councilor. Only your vote will determine who represents you and your concerns in the city.

    Please exercise your civic right and please get out and vote. The last election of 2014 only 36.20% people voted and only 33.13% people voted in 2010.  Indeed, a very low turnout in the most important election!!

    This has to and must change. With the new and changing demographics in Brampton, a new choice and new voice are what is needed for the 2018 election.

    Let us make a history, let there be a maximum voting happen this year!!

    Get out and vote on Oct22 !!

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