05 May
Parin Choksi Registered as City Councillor Candidate for Brampton Wards 3 & 4.

Brampton resident and local businessman Parin Choksi announced today that he is running for the City Councillor post, Wards 3 & 4 in the October 22nd election later this year.

Parin promises positive change to the residents of Brampton Wards 3 & 4 and brings decisive leadership, independence and a new voice to the City Council.

Parin understands that Brampton is in a period of unprecedented growth and change and is committed to his role in helping shape its future.

With the rapid growth and constant change in Brampton, I will also champion the expansion of our commercial base to create even more opportunities in the Center and across our city”

Parin admits that he is aware that there are real concerns for all tax-paying residents. As some of the key areas of concentration, he has promised to focus his efforts on:

  • Create More jobs
  • Connect Communities
  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Easy Local Transportation
  • Affordable Housing
  • Engage Youth
  • Promote Local Business
  • Development of local sports

With his years of experience as a Businessman and a Mortgage Agent, Parin has earned a reputation as a straight shooter, and someone who listens to the concerns of the community.


I believe I can be the new independent voice Brampton deserves and I look forward to working with everyone – to create a brighter future for Brampton. That is how we can deliver Positive Change together.”

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